Test in the field – Boilies KC1

Closed the chapter of the tests on the Nuts made in 2017, with beautiful results, and already in the hands of many carvers the 2018 opens a new chapter with the new boilies KC1 that see me involved in the first person as you know …

We come to us, after the production of the first dough, on the occasion I brought with me 10 kg dried at home, the desire to try them was a lot, even to understand a little ‘structure and how it would behave in water. I organize two nights in December, arrived at the station mount all and prepare my reeds, on two trigger the kc1 and the other xfile and tnt. All I thought in the first session except catch the first fish on KC1, a beautiful mirrors, there for them I had not yet focused, even when the time (01.30) but when I bring it on the mat to slamarla I realize that he had eaten on that, I was in seventh heaven, put in the bag, prepare the primer to go to fall and at the same time another rod, iron jump in the boat and port in guadino a beautiful queen of 15 kg, I realize that this also had eaten on KC1, I thought: “and only luck”. Placed all the rods back in the cot and at 8 am I woken up by another departure, this time on xfile a beautiful long queen … I finish the session with 3 other fishes, another on the KC1 and another on the TnT, a I do not think this point is just luck, I think it is intercepted before even if it is very early to draw conclusions.

The first impressions of this boilers are very positive, not because I immediately captured, but because of their “structure” in the water, they manage to work right away and they are very constant during the 24 hours.

I did various tests and I was really satisfied. Stay tuned to our page to see all our updates.

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