In the cold of winter

Winter for me is the most beautiful time to fish, a few fishermen and more tranquility on the banks, those few fish that you can take there is a bit more satisfaction despite some problems such as cold water, continuous disturbances, snow, etc.
For this two night session I brought with me the KC1 in testing, XFILE, TNT baits that I can not do without and to make them more attractive I wet them with MEGAMINO AND BOOSTER BOMB FISH a real bomb of attraction.
As soon as I go out in the boat to fathom the echo marks me water at 4 °, I did not expect to find water at this temperature and for this reason I try to find specific points where the fish can be fed.
Found a couple of good points and arranged everything back in the tent with the incredible humidity that begins to be felt, but around 01.00 at night a timid departure makes me jump my heart in the throat (it always seems the first time) iron and immediately in a boat, after a light fight harbor aguadino a beautiful queen fallen on a double Xfile, very confident ricalo the barrel and I hope in another departure but unfortunately the second night nothing happens anymore and cmq dismantled satisfied and I return home serene.

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